Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sisterly Love

I took the girls to storytime at our public library last week. We really enjoy storytime, but don't really make it up there as much as I'd like.  It started off with me in a chair, Anna Beth in my lap, and Lynnsie in the stroller beside us.  This last for about half of the first story (they usually read 3 or 4). Lynnsie was not happy sitting in the stroller and wanted to sit in my lap with Anna Beth.  She is really getting to where she wants to do and have everything just like Anna Beth.
So, I pull Lynnsie into my lap and just as she gets settled, the first story is over. We sang a song and then it was time for the next story. Here they were, both in my lap, and the children's librarian is reading a new book to them.  While she's reading, I am pointing and whispering in their ear - 'Do you see the little boy?'; 'Look at the pretty picture!' and so on.  I stop momentarily and sit back up.  Then, the Most. Precious. Thing...
Lynnsie leans over (thumb in her mouth) and lays her head on Anna Beth's shoulder.  Anna Beth puts her arm around Lynnsie. Then, she starts pointing to the book and saying "Look, Lynnsie, you see the book? You see the boy?". Lynnsie just looks up at Anna Beth and smiles the sweetest little smile.
I sat there - totally in awe of what God has just allowed to play out in front me. It was definitely the best blessing of the day. I was in tears I was so happy.  I love seeing them act like sisters. I love seeing the protectiveness that Anna Beth has for Lynnsie and how she wants to take care of her - although sometimes she "takes care" of her a little too much or rough!
Sisters are special.  I know. I have two little ones. I remember praying and praying for them. I remember holding both of them for the very first time.  A lot of times I feel like I wasn't the best big sister to them - there were many years where I was mostly annoyed with them and they got on my nerves. I try to make up for that now.  We've become so close in the past several years. I am watching them grow into beautiful young women.  In so many ways, they're still little kids to me - I guess I don't really want them to grow up - but the fact is, they are grown up!
I hope Anna Beth and Lynnsie and any other children we have, will always treasure the special relationship that sisters have with each other. I look forward to the countless special sister moments that lay ahead for them.  I pray that they will always hold each other accountable and set an example for each other.  I pray they will always be best friends. And, most of all, I pray they are more than earthly sisters, but one day, very soon, they become sisters in Christ.

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