Monday, January 31, 2011

Sickly Days

   For the past week (well, it will be a week tomorrow) we have been couped up in this house with sickness. These days are not so fun. They can be trying on a momma (and a daddy). And sometimes they can be downright scary - like when you're dealing with a new sickness you haven't encountered before and both of your small children have it. That is what last week brought us and it is spelled RSV.
   It hit Anna Beth like a ton of bricks. Lynnsie got it the next day. Why can't they share their toys so easily as they do sick germs? I bet I'd be rich if I could find a way to reverse that!
   Anyway, sickly days can also bring some of the most precious times, too.  Like, when your very busy toddler only wants to cuddle in your lap. Or, in an effort to get them to rest, you catch them in their daddy's lap watching hunting shows (which they enjoy, by the way!) These are just a couple of them.
   I started off the sickly week in a somewhat "woe is my family" way.  Don't get me wrong, it's totally okay to not like it when your kids are sick or feel bad for how bad they feel. But God reminded me last week, that my babies are healthy. Praise Him that they are so healthy, that RSV is the worse sickness they've ever had - and it goes away with treatment! They aren't suffering with a chronic or terminal illness. They still get to be kids. And Praise God that I can come to Him, when I'm scared for them and their sickness and I can let Him be their Healer. And Praise God that we have a home, in which we can stayed "couped up" in comfortably. And Praise God for family and friends who call or text daily to check on them. And Praise God for a husband and daddy who is amazing beyond words and I was not alone during these sickly days. And Praise God for showing me all of these things.

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