Monday, January 24, 2011

"I wanna Baf-fee!"

That's "Lynnsie" for 'I want the coffee.' She asks for a drink of my coffee every morning. Do I give her some? Um...absolutely not! She loves the touch the mug I'm holding, she likes to look inside the mug at the coffee, and she really likes for me to put the warm mug up against her cheek.  She gives me so many smiles during this part of our morning.
But when she asked for my "baf-fee" the other morning, I thought, 'One day, Lynns. One day we'll have some baf-fee together.' I totally look forward to those times in my daughters lives....when we share a cup of "baf-fee" together at home while we talk about life and what's going on. Or maybe it will be while we're out shopping for school clothes or shopping "just because" and we stop to get a Starbucks for the ride home.
See, I've done these things with my own my own mom a thousand times before.  One of my favorite "baf-fee" times with my mom, was after we'd just spent the morning with me trying on wedding dresses and found the perfect one. We went across the street and met up with a couple of my bridesmaids to look at a particular wedding photographer that I wanted to use ( - She. Is. Awesome!) Anyway, it was a great and special time with my mom.  And mom and I have had some great conversations and I've learned a lot of things about life over a cup of "baf-fee" with her - I hope she knows that.
But for now, my "baf-fee" time with my little girls will just be letting them look into the mug and feel the warmth of it on their little fingers and cheeks.  And, while I do look forward to really having baf-fee with my girls, I wouldn't rush these special times for anything.

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