Friday, January 14, 2011

Entering: Blog World

Jacob, my husband, just looked over my shoulder and says, 'You started a blog?'. I said, 'Yes.' For some reason, I think he was a little surprised. Anyway, I've now entered the blog world. I've enjoyed reading others blogs at times.  My two favorites are my sister-in-laws blog about some of the very crafty things she does ("Good Enough" in my blog list) and my friend Erica Ho's blog about her family's adoption of a beautiful boy from Ethiopia ("A Road Home" in my blog list).  These are the two I follow the most. But I was inspired by two others that I came upon this past week. I stumbled upon both of the of them, so I have no idea of the names, but in one - the blogger (is that the right word?) wrote of a joyous moment every single day...seriously she was almost on day 400! How awesome is that!! And another one who blogs about the sweet memories she is making with her children because she doesn't want to forget them. 
I've often found myself "writing out" what I'm seeing my girls do in a "journaling" finally I decided a blog would be a fun and unique way to preserve some of these memories, too, and to update our family and friends on our lives. So, here it is. Welcome to "Little Things"!

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