Monday, February 25, 2013

Putting Together the Pieces

Our family has been absolutely amazed at the outpouring of love, encouragement, and support that we have already received so early in this journey.  It truly has been amazing.  And we truly have seen God in action in big ways.  I've always wanted to honor each and every person who plays a role in our son's adoption, but I've never figured out a way to do it in a way that truly exemplifies how grateful we are for you.

I also want our son to be able to look back one day and see just how many people loved him before they even knew him.  And see just how many people prayed for him and worked to help bring him home.  I remember sitting in mine and Jacob's new home after we got married, looking at our floor that was completely covered in wedding gifts.  And I remember thinking, "Wow, I had no idea this many people loved us!"  And after the baby showers of each of our children, looking at the stacks of diapers, piles of teeny-tiny baby clothes, and the stash of toys ready to be played with and thinking, "Wow, so many people already love our child! And us!"

I'd seen a few ideas on Pinterest involving a globe and having everyone involved in the adoption - like social workers, nearby friends and family - sign the globe between the location of the parents and the location/home country of the child to be adopted.  I loved that idea, but it wouldn't get everyone on there who was far away.  And I just knew we'd need a ginormous globe and we're a little limited on space!

Then I saw a couple of adoptive families doing this neat puzzle fundraiser, where you could buy a different piece of the puzzle and have your name written on it and then the puzzle was framed for the child.  That's was pretty, cool, too, I thought.  But then, I asked myself, "What about those people who encourage us with words of Scripture and who commit to praying us through this journey?"  I want those people honored, too.

So, here's what I've come up with...

"One More Home" is kind of our theme/mission/etc...There are millions upon millions of orphans around the world.  I'd like to believe that I could be a mother to them all, but I can't.  But I can be a mother to the one that God has chosen for us.  I can bring him home.  And you can, too.  And when he comes home, there will be one more child home with his forever family.  One more home to be tucked into bed by his very own mommy and daddy.  One more home to receive the love and nurturing that he so desperately needs.  One more home to hear about the unconditional and sacrificial love that Jesus has for him.

I designed this little picture and my sister, Maley (who's a graphic designer), put it together for us.  We're going to have it made into a puzzle and each and every person who plays a role in our adoption will have their name put on it.  And by "plays a role", I mean if you share a verse or word of encouragement with us, commit to praying for us through this journey, give us a hug on the hard days, participate in any of our fundraisers, make a donation of any amount...your name is permanently going on his puzzle for him to see just how many people love him and helped to bring him home.  When it's all put together, we'll secure it and frame and it will forever be in our home, a part of our family...because you will forever be a part of the story of our family.  Thank you for helping us bring one more home.

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