Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

   Jacob and I haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day in several years. I've never Ben a fan of the "holiday", just kinda seemed overrated and all about flowers. And I'm not a big fan of flowers. I can't smell them, they don't live long, require more responsibility on my part, and hey make a mess as they wilt up and die. Some people love flowers. I do not.
   We do, however, realize that this can be a fun day for the kiddos and inevitably they will have Valentine parties at school, so we do a little something in celebration of the day with them.
   In anticipation of their class parties at preschool and Mother's Day Out, I kept my eyes open for some simple bit fun and cute Valentine's they could make. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest...imagine that. The girls really enjoyed making their Valentine's for their friends.
   The girls have been out of school all week for "family holiday"...aka, it's Mardi Gras week so the everything shuts down...and Jacob was off of work today, so we got to spend the day together. We had decided to beat the crowds and take the kiddos out for a special dessert snack at a local restaurant. I'd been given a gift cars for this ace a couple of months ago and today was the perfect time to use thankful to be able to have some family time at a low price!! After using the gift card, we only had to pay $3.45 and we each had our own yummy dessert...score!!

   I probably don't have to explain how much the kids enjoyed it, especially the girls, the pictures say it all. As usual, we were waiting on Lynnsie to finish up so we could leave. The girl loves her some chocolate. Doesn't matter what shape or form, she's gonna enjoy every last bit of it.

   Happy Valentine's Day!

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