Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer 2012 Recap

Wow...I did not realize how busy we'd been this summer until I scrolled back 
through my camera a few days ago.  Here's a massive photo dump little photo recap...

We had picnics :)

We learned to crawl...

...and swim!!

We looked super cute while we watched out sisters learn to swim :)
We went to the softball field to watch Jacob play.

We loved each other

We became super heroes at the Savannah Smiles Spelling Bee

Mawmaw and Pawpaw came for a visit

We stayed caught up with current events.
We said "Bye for now" to best friends...
...and sent them to the mission field in Colombia with lots of love.

We made a rock garden.

We got sillier and sillier.

We got into stuff and my phone became a new favorite toy.

We got cuter and messier at the dinner table.

Celebrated the 4th of July and it completely wore us out!!
(Sorry, can't rotate the pics!!)

We started playing dress-up

We acted silly with each other

We found a new splash pad that we love!!

We went to TN and visited Gram and Papa

We started soccer!!

We got lots of kisses

We evacuated from a hurricane....

We snuggled a lot, too :)

And yesterday, our summer ended as we got our new backpacks
and lunchboxes ready for pre-K and Mother's Day Out


  1. The Pearl River splash pad was our favorite! There aren't any splash pad's over here and it was so hot this summer we didn't spend too much time outdoors! :(

  2. Such an adorable family. Love how they are sharing together some of the most amazing moments, all captured in a photo album. I bet children are gonna cherish these pictures till eternity. Esp the one where they all are snuggling in bed together. CUTEE!