Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Bit Like Me

There are dozens of pictures of me like this at my mom and dad's house...looks like they be a little bit like me when it comes to musical interests and talents.  I'm good with that :)

  They love to push all of the buttons on my keyboard and play the keys.  Sometimes they sing along, too, making up their own tune and made-up words.  But the other night at supper, I realized they may be a little bit like me in another way. 
  If you know me, or have read some of my posts, you know that my heart is for adoption and orphan care.  And that our family will not be complete until we adopt our final child (children? maybe?)  Anyway, we've been talking a lot in our house about adoption and orphan care the past few weeks because the preschool ministry that my kids are involved in at church is taking up loose change each Wednesday and Sunday to send in to an adoption/orphan care ministry called Show Hope.
  Now, back to my girls being a little bit like me.  A few nights ago, Anna Beth got a little quiet at supper and I could tell she was thinking.  I just love watching the wheels turn in their little minds, don't you?  Then Anna Beth looks at me with this face that says, "I have the perfect solution! And it just simply makes sense." Can you picture a light bulb came on in her head.
  She says, "Mommy, if orphans don't have a mommy or a daddy...why don't they just come live here with us.  You can be their mommy, daddy can be their daddy, me and Lynnsie can be their sister, and Creek can be their brother.  And they won't be an orphan anymore." Then Lynnsie chimes in with, "Yeah!", in total agreement.
  Talk about a heart overflowing with joy.  I love when God uses my children to teach me things about Him and His love.  And I love it, too, when He affirms callings and promises through them.  I love that He put that on her heart and made it all make sense.  I love that Lynnsie got it, too.  I love that they think adoption is perfect for our family.  I love that they are a little bit like me in this.

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  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I just love the true 'child-like faith' we see displayed in our kiddo's lives! Such a blessing AND challenge! Thank you for sharing!