Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keep Calm and Go Bananas!!!!!

  So, my handsome little man turned 1 this week.  Bittersweet.  Don't get me wrong, I'm completely happy that he is healthy and growing and getting bigger and we're a whole year closer to being potty trained...but why does he have to do it so fast??  Isn't there a way to get him to slow down just a little bit?
  We had his birthday party today...sock monkeys!!  I just love the "keep calm and go bananas" quote.  I think it's because it describes my life for the last 4 years and for the foreseeable future.  Anyways, my original plan had been a sock monkey birthday party - for months this is what I've wanted to do. But then I decided all brown and red decorations would be boring and I wanted more color, so I switched to the Paul Frank "Julius" monkey and found lots of cute, colorful decor.  But then I couldn't find anything for Creek to wear and I really, really wanted him to have a monkey shirt to match his theme, so I switched back to sock monkey because I found an adorable applique and an awesome lady to do it.  And just went with some solid blues, red, and yellows for the decor.  We had a blast!!

Birthday banner of some of my favorite pics of him throughout the past year

Deliciously adorable cookie favors my friend, Mary, did for me

She made a "1" just for Creek

My friend, Amanda owns Sophisticakes - she's awesome!!
How cute is this birthday cake and matching smash cake?!

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Now the really good pictures start :)

I could love on this little guy all day long

Bounce house fun with Daddy!

Working on opening the goods.  He scored pretty big.  

We gave him a tractor.  I just really thought he needed a toy tractor :)

Adorable shirt made by Emmabella Designs.  You can find her on facebook :)

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First bite...

He's thinking he likes it pretty good, so.....

He just goes all in!!!!

On the verge of a sugar coma, I'm afraid!

He's completely covered in icing, but that just makes him even sweeter!!

Getting ready for the post birthday party wash-down

Because they're so stinkin' cute, too...

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