Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You've Got Mail

  As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was check the mail.  Rarely was there every anything for me...unless it was my birthday.  Mail is so much fun! A surprise card in the mail can make someone happy for days.  It's like a little present.  Now, going to the mailbox is not so much fun.  And it's no longer free, really, since its full of monthly bills that must be paid.  Or junk mail and I despise junk mail.  If a business sends me junk mail, it's a surefire way to never have me as a consumer.  Can't. Stand. Junk. Mail.
  However, last Thursday I went to the mailbox.  Thursday was, well, really stinky.  It was Day 5, victim 5 of the stomach bug in our house.  And going to the mailbox was a little relief just to get out of the house!
  There were a couple of junk mail items...ugh...and a brown envelope. Ooohhhh, I just love packages! I first looked to see who it was addressed simply said Colemans. Then I looked to see who it was return address. Weird. As I walked back to the house I started thinking about movies I had seen where people get random, no return address mail from stalkers. Shivers! Impatient as I am, I started opening it. Inside there was a regular white envelope, sealed, and nothing written on it. Kinda, slightly, nervously laughing. I open the envelope and there is a folded paper inside. As I opened it, I could tell it was a printed note and there was something folded inside the paper. This is getting weirder...
  And then tears completely filled and poured from my eyes. I saw these words... To START YOUR ADOPTION FUND
  And there was a sacrficial amount of money in there. I mean, seriously! Anyone who has known us for more than five minutes knows that we want to adopt, but they also know that it is in our future and not happening immediately...God's timing, not ours, and His timing is perfect (I have to repeat this to myself, um, daily.) And yes we have started sslloowwllyy saving what we consider "surprise" money, or money that we get that we hadn't counted on. I cannot even tell you how amazing this is. It was completely a gift from the Lord in more ways than just a monetary gift.
  It was a way God said, "I've got this. Follow me. Wait for me. I will complete your family with the child I have chosen for you." I hope to write a little bit more about what had been going on in regards to our talks about adoption and all that God had shown me that week in the future, but not yet.
  So, whoever you are...a million and one thank you's. You will forever be a part of completing our family. Please give yourself a ginormous hug from us!

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