Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pink Friday

  We have Black Friday, Good Friday, the frightening Friday the 13th...and now, Pink Friday!!  It was totally pink day in our house this past Friday.  I had been looking forward to doing this book activity with the girls for weeks!!  Lynns got the book, Pinkalicious, for Christmas.  A little girl and her mommy make pink cupcakes and she eats so many, that she turns pink! The girls love to read this book and I, of course, love to read it to them.

  I put the girls in pink t-shirts, Lynns with her adorable little pink hat and we sat down to read on the couch.  Snuggling up on the couch with my two girls, reading one of their it :) They were pretty ecstatic, too, when I told them we were going to make pink cupcakes with pink frosting!
Everybody say, "Cupcakes!"

Because you can't make cupcakes without letting the kiddos lick the beater.  It's like, criminal, or something :)

We used our new, best, kitchen-friend - our BabyCakes Maker and made the perfect, homemade, bite sized, pink cupcakes with homemade pink icing.

And it was a total success.  The girls were slightly disappointed that they didn't turn pink, too, and were pretty sure that if they ate just a few more they might.  I won't lie, I let 'em try just to see :)

Creek slept through our Pinkalicious adventure, but we got in some snuggly time later on.
And I totally loved it.  Totally and completely.

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