Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands

  Don't you just love children's songs?  I do.  I not only love hearing my kiddos sing them, but I love singing and doing the hand motions right along with them.  I love the Jesus songs the most.  Why? Because they are simple words that carry such a big, BIG truth.

  One of our favorite songs to sing is "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." I don't know the exact verses after the first one, but here's how we sing it:
    He's got the whole world, in His hands (repeat 4 times)
    He's got little baby Creek, in His hands (repeat 4 times)
    He's got Anna Beth and Lynnsie, in His hands (repeat 4 times)
    He's got the mommies and the daddies, in His hands (repeat 4 times)

  I especially love it when I see these big, BIG truths in my life.  Please forgive me for being a little vague, but one of our children is going through some things and has been for several months (if you are reading this and know what I am talking about, out of respect for our child's privacy, please do not comment which child or what it is, thanks in advance). 

  Jacob and I have a very important appointment in the morning to hopefully figure some things out.  I scheduled this appointment over 6 weeks ago and it is the first of 2 that we have. 

  Not exactly something that can be easily rescheduled and, since we have been going through this for months - not exactly something we want to reschedule.

  I have had all childcare arrangements worked out for almost a month...checked and double checked to make sure everything was in place. 

  Tonight, at 8:54 pm, my friend who was going to take AB to school tomorrow for us called to give a heads up that her daughter was coughing, but no fever or other symptoms and she just wanted to let me know in case I needed to make a back up plan for getting AB to school.  I told her we could work it out if she couldn't take her, we just wouldn't get to our appointment very early, but not to worry. 

  And then at 9:22, my friend who was going to watch Lynns and Creek called to tell me that one of her children was throwing up.

  Deep, deep breaths.  Feeling a little dizzy.  Okay.  More deep breathing.  This will be okay.  It has to be okay.  In less than 30 minutes, all of my childcare arrangements are crumbling.  I admit, I felt a little dizzy :)

  I texted my mom and one other friend and just said, "Please pray...friend's kids are sick and I have to find someone to watch the kids tomorrow."

  I called Jacob at work, we tried to come up with something but couldn't.  It is times like this that I think to myself, "If only our family were closer than 8 hours away!"

  And then God showed me, He had it all in His hands.  He knows this is an important appointment.  He knows my child needs for Jacob and I to be there.  He knows we do not need to be worrying about who is taking care of our children so that we can focus on this appointment.  He knows.  And He's got it ALL in His hands.

  In less than 20 minutes, childcare and a backup for getting AB to school was completely worked out.  And to tell you the truth, it's worked out in a way that is even easier than our original plan for everything.

  I let my friend know that things were worked out and she apologized for not being able to keep them, but I told her not to worry about it...because it gave me a chance to see God at work.  And I love seeing God at work.

  But He didn't just work out some childcare for us...He showed us, that He's got this whole, entire situation in His hands.  He's got our child in His hands.  And there aren't any better hands for any of our kids to be in, than His.

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  1. I dont know is going on with you but I will say a little prayer! Hope the appt went well!