Monday, December 9, 2013

The Apparent Project - A Win/Win Fundraiser


I am so incredibly excited about this last fundraiser for 2013.
The Apparent Project is absolutely wonderful.
In an effort to prevent children from becoming orphans due to poverty,
The Apparent Project teams up with local mothers and fathers in Haiti.
These men and women create beautiful, handmade bracelets.
The Apparent Project then purchases these upcycled bracelets from the artists,
giving them the ability to provide for the basic needs of their children...
food, clean water, clothes, shelter, education...
things most of us take for granted every single day.

The Apparent Project's passion...

"Our name reflects our passion: We want to see Haitian families stay together. Skill development and employment addresses the needs of families before they are at the point of desperation, driven to give their children to an orphanage because of exteme poverty. After all, the vast majority of Haiti's "orphans" have not been orphaned by parental deaths, earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, but are children of living parents who gave them up simply because they knew that an orphange could feed their child. Lagging adoptions, overcrowding, and lack of accountability has made many orphanages less than adequate homes for children, who often develop severe emotional problems such as reactive attachment disorder. This is why we think of our artisans' guild as an "un-orphanage." We are finding creative ways for Haitians to be self-employed so that they can take care of their own children with dignity and joy."

This fundraiser is a total win/win situation.
When you purchase one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry, you are helping 2 families.
You are helping one family overcome extreme poverty and STAY TOGETHER! You are helping


However, as we all know, there are children who could not stay with their families, like our son.
And there are families who are adopting these children, like our family.
Purchasing a bracelet also helps to bring our son home to us, forever!

The bracelets are $8...$4 to the artists to keep their family together and $4 to the adoptive family to help with expenses.

Each bracelet comes with a tag featuring the actual artist who made the bracelet and his or her story.


Each bracelet is multi-colored, beautifully crafted and upcycled from cereal and cracker boxes, oil drums, and trash paper.

These bracelets would make great teacher gifts, Christmas presents, stocking stuffers...
or a "just because I want one because they're so pretty" gift to yourself!

To order:
Click the "Coleman Adoption Fund" - PayPal "Donate" button to the right.  In the comments section, please enter how many bracelets you want and the address to mail them to.

Send me an email at:
jmalcoleman at gmail dot com

Find me on Facebook and shoot me a message

Or if you see me at church or around town, let me know and I can meet up with you!

Shipping is 50 CENTS per bracelet.

Thank you so much for considering a bracelet as an amazing Christmas gift! You're gift will not only be to the person you love - but also to the mother or father who created the bracelet, their children, our son, and our family.

Merry Christmas!!

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