Monday, April 22, 2013

You're Invited to Dinner...

   Our fabulous "One More Home" cookbooks are here! We had 590 recipes submitted by family and friends - and, y'all - they are delicious! Nutella bread pudding, crawfish bread, potato soup, gumbo...just to name a few! I can't wait to eat cook my way through it!!  They are $20, plus $3 if we need to mail it to you.  Here's how to order:

1. Click on our "Donate" button at the top and enter "Cookbook" in the "comments" section.  Make sure your mailing address is correct if we need to mail it.

2. Leave me a comment on this post  and a way to contact you about payment and where to mail it, if needed.

3. Leave me a comment on my Facebook post and I'll message you to get payment and mailing info.
4. E-mail me at with your size and I'll reply to get your payment and mailing info.

5. You can also let me know if you see me at church, work, or around town!

   They'll be ready the early part of next week for anyone in the Martin area or for those of you who need it mailed.  If you're in the Slidell area with us, my parents will be down for a visit next weekend and will bring them down for us to hand out.

   Let me tell you a little about the creator and organizer of this cookbook - my mom.  She came to me with this idea not long after we mailed our initial adoption application to our agency.  I thought it was a great idea and was completely ecstatic! For several weeks you guys gave us recipes of all kinds...can I tell you how hungry it made me to read over them before sending them on to her? Wow!! I could NOT wait! For several weeks, my mom spent a couple hours each night - after working all day - putting the recipes into the correct format, retyping them if necessary, alphabetical order, categorizing them, creating the index...oh my much work.  My dad got in on the fun, too!

   She pre-ordered 50 cookbooks...all of which SOLD pretty much hot off the press :) So, now, we're taking orders for more!! This has been awesome for our family....but not just in the financial/fundraising aspect. To watch my mom and dad work hard on this for us...who am I kidding, for their GRANDSON!! just purely awesome.  I really can't thank them you guys!

   And a HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted recipes for this cookbook!!!

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