Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1 Choice, 2 Families

  I'll go ahead and tell you that this post will not do justice to the amazing work that God has done.  Sometimes the things that God does really can't be described in all of it's beauty.  But here's my humble attempt at sharing something amazing...
  Over 50 years ago, there was a woman.  I do not know her.  I only recently learned her name.  I don't know what color hair she had, if it was curly or straight, if she liked to read or swim or sing.  I don't know her circumstances or situation.  I just know she had a choice to make.  And the choice that she made was life for her son.  She chose to give him life when she might not have had to...like I said, I'm not sure of the circumstances.  In choosing to give him life, she also chose to place him for adoption.  She was so very brave - even though I don't know her, I know she's brave because she chose life for him and chose to place him for adoption.  She made one choice...one very hard choice that I cannot imagine making.
   Yet, I'm thankful that she did. When she made that choice, she probably thought it ended there.  But it didn't.  Little did she know that by making that one choice, she was giving life and family to two little boys.  The one she carried in her belly and one who was over 50 years away from even being conceived.  A little boy who one day will call me "Mommy".
   When she made this one choice, she put a love for adoption in that baby boy's life that continued to grow and spread through the family he has now.  The choice put a desire in his heart to help other adoptive families in their journey.  That choice led that baby boy - now a husband, father, and grandfather - to establish an adoption fund in memory of his birth mother, to help provide financial assistance to adoptive families.  And that choice she made so many years ago, that gave life to that baby boy, also helped to give life and family to our son, through this adoption fund.  Her one choice came full circle.
   This woman had no idea how much life and love would be given because of that one choice she made so many years ago.  She had no idea that she was giving life to 2 baby boys.  She just made the choice, the decision, and love grew and continued to grow.
   My prayer is that as Jacob and I have chosen to be obedient to God and follow His will and His plan for us to adopt a precious little boy, that God will use that and plant a love and desire for adoption in each of our children, in the hearts of family and friends, that will grow and grow and that someday, they can choose to give life to a little boy or girl, who wouldn't have one without them.

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