Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Adoption Roadmap

Many times the adoption process is referred to as an adoption "journey". When I think of a journey, I think of a long experience, with high and lows, easy parts and hard parts...sometimes the path is clear and sometimes it's a little confusing. But always at the end of a journey, when you arrive at your look back on everything and compare it with what you have reached, where you have come...and you know that it was all worth it. Every mountain you had to climb, every valley you had to walk never stopped you from getting you to where you are. It will not stop me from getting to my son. I think the word "journey" is perfect for describing the adoption process. Here is our little roadmap for the journey that we will be on for the next 18-24 months...

Social Worker assigned - welcome call   DONE

Turn in agency contracts and first agency payment   DONE

Orientation   DONE

Home Study: (approximately 3 - 4 months to complete) DONE
  -  Colombia specialist orientation  DONE
  -  Joint interview and home tour DONE
  -  Individual interviews with social worker DONE
  -  Joint interview DONE
  -  Education DONE
  -  Acquire a lengthy list of documents for the home study DONE

Immigration - 800A (approximately 90 days to complete); This is the process for applying for immigration  after the homestudy is finalized; once submitted:
    -  assigned adjudicator: 
2 weeks DONE
    -  4 - 6 weeks: receive letter with         fingerprint appointment and 
location DONE
    -  6 - 8 weeks: fingerprint 
appointment DONE
    -  8 - 12 weeks: receive approval

Dossier (approximately 3 months to complete); this includes the homestudy, immigration approval, a  lengthy list of documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc,, and our psychological evaluation DONE
    - Submit dossier to Colombia representative for review and translation (approximately 2 - 4 weeks) 
    - Submit dossier to Colombia central authority for review and approval to adopt (approximately 3 - 4 months)...this is where we will be approved by Colombia to adopt a child, once we receive this       approval, we are will start the "waiting" time

Receive Referral: (approximately 6 - 9 month wait time, but we're on God's timeline)
   - Be referred/matched with a child through a private orphanage, Colombia's central authority, or a waiting child through our agency.

Immigration Approval - 800 (approximately 1 - 2 months after receiving match with a child); this is immigration's approval for us to adopt a specific child
   - Apply for 800 = wait for provisional approval (average 30 days)
   - After approval from USCIS, wait for the US Embassy in Colombia to issue full approval for travel to Colombia (will travel approximately 1 - 2 weeks after receiving approval)

Travel to Colombia (approximately 4 - 7 weeks spent in country)
   - Spend 10 day bonding period with child
   - Appear in court for adoption finalization
   - Wait for US Embassy to issue our child his visa to return to the United States
   - He will be a US citizen the very second the plane touches the ground

   So, there you have it.  Our road map, to do list, checklist, whatever you want to's everything we have to do in order to bring our son home.  These next 6 - 9 months will be filled with paper work and more paper work, getting the right documents to the right people. So if you see me a little frazzled and my fingers are covered with band-aids from multiple paper probably means I could use a hug :)  After finally completing the necessary paperwork...we wait.  The average time right now is 6 - 9 months, but it could be could be longer.  And so during the "wait time", if you see me looking a little teary eyed or maybe a little like a piece of my heart is's because it is and I could definitely use a hug :)

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