Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road trip

We moved to Louisiana almost 7 years.  At leas twice a year Jacob would mention that he wanted to go back to Rayville, LA for a visit.  When his parents were in training to prepare for international missions, they lived in this small, quiet, charming little town for about a year and a half.  Jacob has so many memories jam-packed into his time there.  The past few weeks have been very up and down for us, so earlier last week we decided this past weekend was the perfect time for a little mini-roadtrip.  We left on Saturday and came home on Sunday night.  Here's a little recap....

We loaded up on easy snacks and lunches to have in the car...saved some major cash this way!

Loaded up and ready to go!

Jacob spent many hours of his 6th and 7th year of life playing in this water

This is the house they lived's actually in a small community called Holly 1 blinking yellow light, kind of small community.  

The road that leads to a bridge that was another favorite hang-out of Jacob and his friend, Rusty

While one of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing a little piece of where Jacob grew up, the girls
were ecstatic to get to stay in a hotel....

One thing about Rayville,'s 20 minutes from the Duck Commander!!
Sadly, no sightings of the bearded men that day ;(

Uncle Si has enjoyed many glasses of sweet
tea right seen on Duck Dynasty!

I took this picture for my's the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway.
Thanks, Denden, for your service to this great country.

And this beautiful church is so full of love - many of them remembered Jacob, his sister, and parents, still pray for them, and were super excited to see him and his family.  They welcomed us all as if we were there to stay! If you're ever passing through Rayville, LA - I highly suggest visiting FBC Rayville :)

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  1. Fun! I wish I could have been with you. I hope Jake regaled you with many stories of snakes shot in irrigation ditches and riding his bike over the side of a bridge into the muddy creek bed.